Industrial stacks


Our basic activity is construction and repair of industrial stacks, which means precise analysis, designing and engineering, along with constructional, mechanical and trade works.


Inaccessible objects


Even the simplest activity takes completely opposite form if it must be done in inaccessible place and under hazardous conditions, such as on a tower of suspension bridge, inside an industrial boiler or on a high building face.


Special structures


 Fabrication of temporary or permanent structures on inaccessible positions is very often required for installation of equipment and/or devices; they are always made as such to provide occasional access for the purpose of their inspection or maintenance.




 All activities on the site must be scheduled and conducted very carefully. We are willing to share our experience and assistance to whoever might need it.


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About us

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“Jastrebac Dimnjaci” is the company specialized for constructional engineering and conducting activities on high and inaccessible industrial objects such as:

  • Surveying and tracking for deficiencies on inaccessible parts of objects / equipment
  • Analyses, designing, engineering
  • Constructional works – bricklaying, reinforcing, concreting, hydro and thermal insulation, rust prevention, protection layers
  • Mechanical and installation works
  • Electrical fitting works.

Our team of employees consists of both skillful masters of trades and experienced engineers. There is something that distinguishes us from others; we perform activities on heights and on objects where the others are not able to access, thanks to the following techniques:

1. SkyClimber technique – self-propelled overhead working platforms combined with powerful electrical winches, used for all heavy constructional and installation works, where workers on height need safe brace and large quantities of material.

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2. Other technique - enables us to perform easy works such as inspections and tracking for deficiencies, rust prevention, washing and cleaning of inaccessible surfaces – in fast and efficient manner by using light alpinist equipment.

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All types of constructional works on height are our tradition; modern equipment that we possess (overhead working platforms and cradles for works on height) puts us among leaders in this area of business.

Through resolving of various technical tasks under most demanding conditions (such as industrial stacks – reinforced/concreted, or brick/metal made, thermal power boilers, silos, structural or semi-structural wall faces), we have been developing and optimizing techniques for access and realization of all types of works on height (constructional, mechanical, electrical). Within our company there is a section for industrial alpinism that enables us to be flexible and to realize even most specific tasks. Engineering department of Jastrebac Dimnjaci DOO deals with prep activities needed for realization of all the works and is always available to offer consulting services for resolving issues on high and inaccessible objects – starting with an idea, through designing, to final solution.

Along with conducting works on height, we also offer to contractors to lease our overhead cradle or light self-propelled overhead platform for works on height.

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