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Scope of work

Scope of work of JASTREBAC dimnjaci d.o.o. includes the following:

  1. Inspection of objects, tracking of deficiencies, engineering
  2. Repairs of constructions
  3. Hydro- insulating (waterproofing), thermal – insulating works and rust prevention
  4. Locksmith’s and mechanical works
  5. Works on electrical installations

Inspection of objects, tracking of deficiencies, engineering

Good management of a division requires regular inspections and maintenance of equipment and objects. Our team performs inspections of industrial stacks, cooling towers, silos, etc. After every inspection we make a report with detailed video records and photo captures that enable an investor to have a full insight in the condition of his object. If any damages were observed, our engineering team will make either an analysis or a project of require repair. Optionally, per an investor’s request we make preliminary and working drawings on new objects, or provide suggestions how to upgrade or adapt the existing ones.

Constructional repairs



 Extreme aggressive actions on stacks and other industrial objects – chemical aggressive materials from flue gases, altering thermal loads, atmospheric impacts, and lightning strokes – all above mentioned can cause severe and danger damages that had to be repaired on regular basis. If they are neglected, in very short period of time even static stability of an object can be questioned. An investor is always confident of the quality of our works, because every repairing step is done with continuous engineering supervision as well as video records and photo captures of every action taken and numerous evidences on quality of installed material.

Hydro- insulating (waterproofing), thermal – insulating works and rust prevention

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By performing professional and top quality hydro- insulation in critical areas of an object, a long-term prevention of dangerous damages that may arise due to the penetration of atmospheric moisture and acidic aggressive condensates in exposed reinforced concrete structures is provided. Through properly designed thermal insulation we provide the best prevention of damages of reinforced concrete and other structures that are not resistant to thermal stresses. By conservation of thermal energy, better energy efficiency of a process is achieved, as well as keeping flue gas temperature above the point of condensation of moisture and aggressive chemicals.

By providing regular rust prevention of steel elements and structures we preserve them from rust and fast deterioration; moreover, our jobs are always esthetically well done, in terms that we take care of housekeeping of our investors.

Locksmith’s and mechanical works



Installation of steel structures and equipment on high objects.

Galleries, stairways, climbing iron, aerial columns, huge signs and logos – these activities are done per needs and requirements of our investors, regardless how high or inaccessible an object is.

The latest offer of ours is installation of aluminum-made face profiles and their glazing. Those works can be done without scaffolds, faster and cheaper if compared with classic methods.

 Works on electrical installations



High industrial objects are full of electrical installations that must be kept in good shape. The best example is lighting of work space and luminous signalization on stacks. In addition to this, air termination network must also be regularly inspected and kept in good condition, to be able to protect people and equipment in its vicinity.

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