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  • Flexibility

    The most serious limitation for performing works on height is complicated access to working positions. Jastrebac Dimnjaci doo possesses knowledge, long-lasting experience and the equipment that enables optimal choices for accesses and ways of work.

  • Efficiency

    Realization of works on high and inaccessible objects very often means that the time needed for prep activities and providing access is sometimes longer that the time for the work itself. Our optimal working methods can shorten that time to its maximum.

  • Perseverance

    Inaccessible working positions on height often lead to a question whether the works can be performed at all. Thanks to our knowledge, experience and working methods we can say that only sky is the limit.

  • Safety

    Overhauls and repairs of energetic or metallurgical plants and plants from other branches of heavy industry are very carefully planned and controlled for the purpose of safety of both our workers and purchaser’s equipment. Safe but quick and top quality realization of work is our ultimate goal.

Industrial stacks

Our basic activity is construction and repair of industrial stacks, which means precise analysis, designing and engineering, along with constructional, mechanical and trade works.

Inaccessible objects

Even the simplest activity takes completely opposite form if it must be done in inaccessible place and under hazardous conditions, such as on a tower of suspension bridge, inside an industrial boiler or on a high building face.

Special structures

Fabrication of temporary or permanent structures on inaccessible positions is very often required for installation of equipment and/or devices; they are always made as such to provide occasional access for the purpose of their inspection or maintenance.


All activities on the site must be scheduled and conducted very carefully. We are willing to share our experience and assistance to whoever might need it.


Izgradnja industrijskih dimnjaka - Jastrebac DOO, Smederevo

“Jastrebac dimnjaci” is the company specialized for engineering, constructing and assembling activities on high and inaccessible industrial buildings.

  • Surveying and inspection of defects on high and inaccessible industrial buildings and equipment
  • Project reports, designing, and engineering
  • Construction activities - building, armoring, concreting, hydro & thermo insulations. AKZ, protective coating
  • Locksmith/fitter activities
  • Refractory works
  • Electrical activities

Our team of experienced workers at height involved skilled craftsmen and engineers. The difference between others and us reflects in the fact that we work at heights and on buildings that others are not able to access, especially thanks to special technologies:

Both methods enable us to install all the equipment we need within a couple of hours and immediately start with desired activities.