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Jastrebac Dimnjaci was founded in 1990 as a sole construction business for works on height. Its founder was B.Sc.C.E. Dragoljub Zdravkovic, who at that moment had had 20 years of experience in construction and repairing of huge industrial stacks and other structures. As an engineer and head of operations at “Crnotravac” Construction Company, he was directly involved in construction and maintenance of the highest industrial stacks in Yugoslavia, USSR and Middle East. Industrial stacks represent one of the biggest challenges in the area of civil engineering and being successful in such works was great foundation for training of young people and implementing of new technologies and methods without lowering the quality of doing business. This implementation of new technologies raised the safety of most complicated jobs to higher level.

Tradicija izgradnje industrijskih dimnjaka - jastrebac DOO

Since 1990, Jastrebac Dimnjaci has been continuously doing business; in 2008 it was transformed to a company that again has implemented new working methods and safety procedures, providing new human resources and keeping top quality of works – all on its customers’ satisfaction.