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We can proudly say that we are reliable contractor of these specific works for our investors. Among others, the following huge industrial complexes have expressed their satisfaction by our services.

All our works were evaluated as excellent by our investors. Our references are to confirm our thoughtfulness and quality of performed tasks.

Industrial complexes:

  1. Thermoelectric power plant „Nikola Tesla A“, Obrenovac
  2. Thermoelectric power plant „Nikola Tesla B“, Ušće, Obrenovac
  3. Thermoelectric power plant „Kostolac A“, Kostolac
  4. Thermoelectric power plant „Kostolac B“, Drmno
  5. Thermoelectric power plant „Morava“, Svilajnac
  6. NIS a.d. Novi Sad
  7. Smederevo steel mill (“HBIS GROUP Serbia Iron & Steel” d.o.o.)
  8. Thermoelectric power and heating plant Sremska Mitrovica
  9. Thermoelectric power and heating plant- Novi Sad
  10. Thermoelectric power and heating plant Zrenjanin
  11. Public utility company – Belgrade Power Plants
  12. Public utility company – Heating Plant Nis
  13. Cement factory „CRH“, Popovac
  14. Cement factory „LAFARGE“, Beočin
  15. „Serbian Factory of Glass Products“, Paraćin
  16. Thermoelectric power plant Pljevlja
  17. REK „Bitola“
  18. Alumina factory „BIRAC“ – Zvornik
  19. Mine and thermoelectric power plant „Ugljevik“
  20. Mine and thermoelectric power plant "Gacko"

Civil complexes:

  1. High school „Gimnazija“ , Smederevo
  2. Polytechnic high school, Požarevac
  3. Cultural Center in Mišar, Šabac
  4. Residential complex, “Belville”
  5. Heating plant “Beogradske elektrane”, Beograd
  6. Heating plant “Subotička toplana”,Subotica
  7. Heating plant “Gradska toplana”, Niš
  8. Belgrade City markets, Beograd
  9. Heating plant “Toplana” Leskovac
  10. “Vojvođanska banka” – OTP bank group, Zrenjanin
  11. “National Bank of Serbia”, Beograd
  12. BEG, Skopje